30 oz Lion Cup


Product: 30 oz Custom Cup
Color: Yellow
Quantity: 330 per case

Out of stock

Eye-catching, informational, unique, and fun! High-end polypropylene cup lets your customers know they are not at just another concession. 100% reusable and recyclable.

Fun Fact on The Cup: “The King of the Beasts has no natural enemies. Adult male lions can weigh 330-573 pounds, their large manes make them appear even bigger, females are smaller 400 pounds and under. Lions live in matriarchal groups called prides than can consist of four to six related lionesses and their cubs.”

Looking for something custom? Our art department can help you design the exact thing you are looking for. We offer custom cups for member’s programs, special events/exhibits and so much more. Contact us for more info.


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