30 oz Tiger Cup


Product: 30 oz. Custom Cup
Color: Yellow
Quantity: 330 per case

Out of stock

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Eye-catching, informational, unique, and fun! High-end polypropylene cup lets your customers know they are not at just another concession. 100% reusable and recyclable.

Fun Fact on The Cup: “The tiger is the largest species of the cat family, and the Siberian id the largest of the tigers by far, and has a much thicker coat, than the other tigers because of it’s colder habitat. Each tiger has its own unique stripes just like human finger-prints and they can be used to identify individual tigers.”

Looking for something custom? Our art department can help you design the exact thing you are looking for. We offer custom cups for member’s programs, special events/exhibits and so much more. Contact us for more info.

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